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Welcome to HWSS

Changing Lives with Precision Health

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Welcome to HWSS

Where Precision Health Begins

Our Services

Because dying early can be inconvenient we show People how to take control of their health using

TTMR-T (Test, Treat, Monitor & Re-Test).

We can't avoid the inevitable but we can certainly delay it.

By using Blood Testing, Genetic Testing and Bio-Metric monitoring  

we are able to generate actionable plans and provide the positive support

People need to make major lifestyle changes. 

This test-led, evidence-based approach allows us to offer personalized solutions. 

So, whether you're physically active or not we can provide the answers you are looking for. 

A healthier version of you is just a click away.

Blood Testing

Your Understanding Begins Here

Testing provides the baseline information upon which everything else is built.  Once you have this foundation the guesswork is taken out of every future health decision you make.

Let's replace hope with certainty.  

DNA Testing

Know Yourself

DNA profiling provides a different type of baseline information to blood testing but is equally important as it allows you build a complete picture of what is going inside your body.  In simple terms there are 2 types of test, a Genotype and Whole Genome Sequencing and depending upon what information you are seeking will determine which one is right for you. 


All the Data You Need

With the explosion of wearable technology over the past few years it can sometimes be difficult to know which one to choose.  It very much depends on the functionality you are seeking but the products we offer are based upon the most common features asked for by our customers. We do however, keep our product range under constant review.

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Hello, my name is Bob Blake and I am the Founder of HWSS

(Health, Wellbeing & Sports Science).


In my younger days I trained as a Paramedic and served as a Medic in the Military.

Over the past decade I have become a FA Level 2 Football Coach and attained a FA Level 2 Emergency First Aid in Football (EFAiF) and a FA Psychology qualification. 

Given my medical background and an acute interest in all things genetic I created HWSS to help People access better health solutions. 


We bring together the key players to make Precision Health available to everyone.


We publish a monthly newsletter and healthcare articles on Substack. Packed with the latest health & medical news we aim to keep our customers and subscribers abreast of the very latest breakthroughs and developments in the world of precision health. We also have HWSS TV where Company-produced videos can all be seen in one place.  Discover more by using the links below.

Physical Health

This plays a vital role in any health regime so we have teamed up with SportFN to provide bespoke Coaching.  Use the link to find out more.

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